Enter Web3 with an edge and launch your minting studio on TRAXX Protocol

Traxx Studios enables artists, music labels and communities to easily create, mint and sell unique digital assets (NFTS) which hold exclusive benefits.

Onboarded Artists

Sample Tools by CR2

Sample packs attached to NFTs

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Here At Last

Album NFTs with exclusive content

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The Drop

Film Pass

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Future Pass

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My Sahel

Membership Pass

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What are
TRAXX Studios?

TRAXX Studios are upgradeable smart contracts running on TRAXX Protocol, a Web3 proprietary technology purposely built for the music and entertainment industry.

Traxx Studios, fueled by TRAXX Protocol, enables the creation, minting, and trading of digital collectables, token-gated content, and membership schemes, helping artists and the music community to benefit from Web3 Technology and expand their network.

Build your own Web3 Marketplace

Simplify the complex world of web3 with Traxx Studios, crafted for the entertainment industry.

Tailor your marketplace's appearance

Start with a fully customizable frontend to match your brand look and feel

Harness the power within your environment

Infuse digital collectibles into your space, community, and world, utilizing your own domain and infrastructure.

Studio Benefits

Gain royalties

Ease of use

Grow fanbase

New revenue streams

Access to music industry

Fully customizable

How to get a TRAXX Studio?

Build Your Own Studio

Become a Tokentraxx member:

Membership Prices:

Initial Meet


Build Studio

Mint / Launch

Let's Meet

Stakes needed:

1,000 TRAXX

2,500 TRAXX

10,000 TRAXX

Buy or swap TRAXX tokens on a CEX or DEX.


Set up a wallet via MetaMask. Send TRAXX to your wallet.

Set up wallet

Stake TRAXX using XPortal.

Stake on XPortal

Claim your membership at TokenTraxx.

Claim Pass

Get your rewards.

Get your rewards

TokenTraxx NFT holdings needed:

5 NFTs

10 NFTs

20 NFTs

Purchase at least 5 NFTs on our marketplace.


Send your wallet address to [email protected]

Send Email

We will check how many TT NFTs you hold.

You will be notified when added to allow list and we will airdrop your membership pass.

Staking TRAXX

NFT Holding

Powered by TRAXX

TRAXX token is mandatory for the use of TRAXX Protocol. Fees generated by all activities within TRAXX Studios will result in TRAXX tokens being removed from the circulating supply. As a consequence, due to the limited supply of TRAXX, this will create a decentralised and self-sustaining ecosystem.

TokenTraxx aims to collect no fees or commission from running any activity on TRAXX Protocol.

Ethereum and Polygon compatible, supporting ERC-721, ERC-1155 and ERC-20 tokens.

Zilliqa and Polymesh coming soon.

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