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TokenTraxx is an NFT marketplace, built by musicians for the music community. Currently in open beta and fully launching later in 2022. It provides you with a whole new way to create, curate and collect music.
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How we engage with music is evolving. TokenTraxx is ushering in a new era for the music community, providing fair rewards that can be shared with everyone. TokenTraxx believes that NFTs are the foundation of that future, with technology that can redefine and enhance the value of music.
Who is it for?
You are the driving force of the music industry. You are the producers, musicians, writers, performers and composers. You pour your heart and soul into your work.
You are the taste makers of the music community. You are the playlists makers, club and radio DJs and the podcasters. You find and champion the artists you love.
You are the lifeblood of music scene. You are the vinyl junkies, digital crate diggers and now... the new wave of NFT collectors. You love to support your favourite artists and own their music.
Fans want to feel even more connected to their favourite artists, and to prove they are their biggest fans. TokenTraxx NFTs provide a way to do this through verifiable ownership and create a much deeper relationship to the artist.
TokenTraxx Co-founder
Miles Leonard
I’ve always liked creating my own worlds, mixing art and music to tell stories. NFTs have opened a doorway for me to do this without limits and TokenTraxx is the perfect place to experiment with these concepts.
Rat Boy
For the whole community
Using cutting edge NFT technology, TokenTraxx is the next level for the music community by supporting the Creators, rewarding the Curators and empowering the Collectors.
If TokenTraxx sounds like it’s for you, head over to the marketplace.
Own Your Sound
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