The TokenTraxx platform token, powering the future of music.

  • The TokenTraxx platform will be enabled by the TRAXX token
  • There is a total supply of 350,000,000 TRAXX tokens.
  • TRAXX tokens are both a platform and an exchange token.
  • TRAXX tokens were minted on the Ethereum mainnet and bridged to the Polygon and Zilliqa blockchains.
Buy TRAXX Tokens

Buying TRAXX tokens


We're pleased to announce that Staking is now live on Xportal! Pick what works best for you with our 3 flexible staking options:

  • Silver — minimum 1,000 TRAXX locked for 1 month 10% APY
  • Gold — minimum 2,500 TRAXX locked for 3 months 15% APY
  • Platinum — minimum 10,000 TRAXX locked for 6 months 30% APY

*no upper limit of TRAXX for each tier. See minimum staking amounts to qualify.

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The TRAXX token is an unregulated token that will facilitate the purchase of NFTs on the TOKEN TRAXX Protocol by paying Transaction fees. It will also provide holders with benefits and be used as an incentive for a platform use rewards programme (see sections below). As the platform grows additional utility may become available on the TOKEN TRAXX Protocol. The TokenTraxx Protocol is currently exploring defi use cases such as staking and loans, community benefits such as governance, and specific music use cases such as facilitating the distribution of royalties and enabling streaming. All such matters are subject to legal advice and where appropriate regulatory approval.


Token Traxx Music Limited will provide a marketplace for those who own Token Traxx Tokens and who wish to create curate and exchange creative digital collectibles. This is not an offer to sell TOKEN TRAXX TOKENS. Those who express an interest in owning tokens and participating in the NFT marketplace may contact SORS who will make TOKEN TRAXX TOKENS available on appropriate terms in accordance with the laws of the REPUBLIC OF IRELAND.