TokenTraxx Membership

We are excited to reward the TokenTraxx community with a range of benefits through our membership program, due to launch November 28.


The aim of the program is to offer a range of perks attractive to all TRAXX holders, covering staking, pre-drop access, community connections, real world events and money cannot buy experiences.

The benefits are summarised below:


All Guestlist NFT holders or Stake 1,000+ TRAXX on Xportal

  • 24 hr pre-drop access
  • TRAXX staking @ 10% APY
  • Member Discord
  • TokenTraxx Sessions in person access
  • 10% Merch discount


Stake 2,500+ TRAXX on Xportal

As Silver plus:

  • 36 hr pre-drop access
  • TRAXX staking @ 20% APY locked for 3 months*
  • Quarterly Gifted NFT
  • VIP events invitations
  • 15% Merch discounts


Stake 10,000+ TRAXX on Xportal

As Gold plus:

  • 72 hr pre-drop access
  • TRAXX staking @ 50% APY locked for 6 months*
  • Monthly Gifted NFT
  • 0% Commission on TT Marketplace
  • Founder & artists meets
  • Platinum member premium NFT hoodie access
  • Studio session with TommyD for selected members

* TokenTraxx reserves the right to amend member benefits at any time without notice. Staking via Xportal.

We are finalising the deliverables.
If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to us via Discord.

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